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In this article. We will know about how the Indian Army. Has emerged as a strong and powerful army. And will also know the Indian army Fact.

The army is formed for the protection of the country. It would be an armed organization. With the ability to use deadly force to enhance. And protect the interests and thoughts of a country. Or its citizens or any government and people related to it is.

The job of the army is to protect the country and civilians. And to attack their enemies and to chase away the enemies. Military responsibilities may also vary in different settings.

In this article. We will know about it. How the Indian Army has emerged as a strong. And a powerful army and will also know the Indian Fact.

What is the work of the army?

The task of the army is to protect the country and its citizens. And to attack and eliminate or defeat their enemies. Army responsibilities also differ in different arrangements.

The following other special functions of the Army: –

  • To promote political ideologies.
  • Benefit for business interests and companies.
  • Stop population growth.
  • To build buildings and roads. Emergency Survival, Participate in social-political practices.
  • To guard special places, Has also been done.

 Subdivision of Army

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The Army:- The Army is the army that fights the battle on earth. The army plays an important role in the affairs of the country. It has assisted civil rule during peacetime. And the Indian Army has also fought four major wars. With Pakistan and China. And from time to time. The army also has to deal with nuisances within the country.

Navy:- The Navy is an army that fights. In the sea and inside the river. The Indian Navy was officially commissioned on 5 September 1612. On this day the first fleet of fighter ships (warships). Of the East India Company reached the port of Surat. The fleet was called ‘The Honorable East India Companies Marin’. It was later called ‘The Bombay Marin’.

During the first world war. This navy renamed a  ‘Royal Indian Marin’. By the Second World War. The Royal Indian Navy had about eight warships. By the end of the war, the number of ships had risen to 100.

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Air Force:- The Air Force is an army. That fights celestial battles through planes in the air. The Air Force came into existence on 8 October 1932. With the passage of the Indian Air Force Bill. By the Indian legislature. However, on 1 April 1933, the first air squad was formed. Which became part of a numbered squadron.

It consisted of six Royal Air Force trained officers. 19 airmen and four returning to West-land. There were military cooperation aircraft. The No. 1 squadron was the only organization of the Indian Air Force. At the start of World War II. At that time there were 16 officers and 662 soldiers in the Air Force.

History of Indian Army after Independence

In August 1947. The strength of the Indian Army was 4,00,000. But the political leadership was keen to reduce the strength to save on defense expenditure. And hence it was decided to bring the strength of the army to 2,00,000 after Jam-mu and Kashmir. Operations that would involve the dissolution of multiple units.

A new Territorial Army Act passed in 1948. And infantry and artillery units were raised in 1949. With a nucleus of regular officers. Many other changes occurred during the period of 1948 to 1960.

The designation of Commander-in-Chief remained unused. Since 1955 and three chiefs (army, navy, and air force). Were made equal and independently responsible for their respective service.

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Some facts related to the Indian Army

  • The Indian Army controls the world’s highest battlefield “Siachen Glacier”. Which is 5000 meters above sea level. India has the largest “voluntary” army in the world. All serving and reserve forces have the right to serve or not to serve. This right also recorded in the Constitution of India.
  • People with the ability to use deadly force. (it would be armed). To protect a country or citizens of that country or any government. And people related to it and to protect them is a people organization that rules the laws of their country. According to this, people inside his organization called an army.
  • The Indian Army considered the world’s fourth-strongest army.
  • The Indian Army also has a contingent of cavalry. Only 3 countries in the world have an army of cavalry.
  • Assam Rifles is the oldest paramilitary force of the Indian Army. Which established in 1835.
  • The Indian Army is known as the best army in the world. In terms of fighting in the jungles. Countries like America, Britain, and Russia. Often visit this troop to know this quality of India.
  • The Indian Army knew worldwide for spreading peace. India sends the largest number of soldiers from any country in the world. As part of the United Nations peace campaign.
  • India and Pakistan had a war in 1971. After defeat in the war, 93,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered to the Indian Army. This was the largest surrender. By the Pakistani Army after the second world war.

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