Ganesh Chaturthi And Story Of Lord Ganesha

Ganesh Chaturthi is a major festival of Hindus. This festival is celebrated in different parts of India but in Maharashtra Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with great pomp. According to the Puranas, Ganesh was born on this day.

The Hindu God Ganesha is worshiped on Ganesh Chaturthi. During this time, a large statue of Lord Ganesha is installed in many prominent places. And this statue is worshiped till no day. A large number of people from nearby reach to visit. No days later, the Ganesha idol is immersed in water from a pond, etc.

At the beginning of Shristi, when the question arose as to who should be considered the first worshiper. So many gods reached Lord Shiva. Then Shiva said that whoever does the whole earth revolve first. He will be considered the first worshiper.

In this way all the gods started sitting in their vehicles to revolve around the earth. Rat is the vehicle of Lord Ganesh. And their body is gross, so how could Lord Ganesha revolve around it?

Then Lord Ganesha with his intelligence and cleverness! He completed three revolutions of his father Lord Shiva and mother Parvati and stood with folded hands!

Then Lord Shiva said that there is no one in this whole world greater and wiser than you. By doing three revolutions of mother and father, you have completed the revision of all three locos. And you have got its merit, which is bigger than the revolution of the earth. Therefore, since then, they were worshiped before all the Gods and Goddesses! After worshiping Lord Ganesha, all the other deities are worshiped.

Birth story of Ganesha

According to the legend, Goddess Parvati started taking bath by placing Ganesha at the door. And so Lord Shiva came and entered the house of Parvati. When Ganesh stopped him, the enraged Shiva beheaded him. Then these Ganesha originated from Parvati ji by mixing sandalwood. When Parvatiji saw that his son was beheaded, she became angry. To calm his anger, Lord Shiva placed the head of an elephant child on Ganesha’s head and he rose up.

Shri Ganesh was born at 12 noon on the Chaturthi of Bhadraprada Shukla Paksha. And Goddess Parvati is said to have fasted for the attainment of a son named Punyaka. And due to this fast, Goddess Parvati received Shri Ganesh in the form of a son.

According to Shiva Mahapuran, the idea of ​​Goddess Parvati to build Ganesha was given to her by Sakhi Jaya and Vijaya. His friends told him that Nandi and all Ganes follow only Mahadev’s orders. Therefore, you should also create a gana that will obey only your command. Influenced by this idea, Goddess Parvati created Sri Ganesh with the filth of her body.

Ganesha’s wife, son and daughter has two wives named Riddhi and Siddhi, who are the daughters of Prajapati Vishwakarma. There were 2 sons named ‘Kshem’ from Siddhi and ‘Benefit’ from Riddhi. In folk tradition, these are called ‘auspicious benefits’. Satisfaction and affirmation in the scriptures have been called Ganesha’s daughters-in-law. Ganeshji’s grandchildren are Amod and Pramod.

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Why do Ganesh Chaturthi (Ganesh Utsav) celebrate?

According to belief, Ganesha also has a daughter named Santoshi. According to a legend, Lord Ganesha was getting Rakshasutra bound by his aunt. After seeing the transaction of the gift, Ganeshji’s sons asked about this ritual. To this, Ganeshji said that it is not a thread but a protective shield. This Rakshasutra is a symbol of blessings and brotherly love.

And on hearing all this, Shubh and Labh said that if it is so, we also need a sister. Then Lord Ganesha created a light with his powers and combined it with the self-power of his two wives. This Jyoti took the form of a girl and the daughter of Ganesh was born, named Santoshi. This daughter is known as Mata Santoshi.

Powers of all gods

Ganesha has the powers of all the gods. Just as all the gods had given their powers to Hanumanji, similarly Ganesha also has the powers of all the gods. Despite this they also have their own powers.

First author Lord Ganesha

Ganeshji is also called a mythological journalist or writer, because he was the one who wrote the ‘Mahabharata’. The author of this book was Ved Vyas, but the responsibility of writing it was given to Ganesha. To write this, Lord Ganesh made a condition that his writing should not stop. For this, Ved Vyas asked him to write only after understanding every verse. It took Ganesha a little time to understand the meaning of Shloka and at the same time Ved Vyasji used to complete some of his important tasks.

Ganesh has many names but these 12 names are prominent – 12 names are mentioned which is as follows.
Ekadant – One Dental
Kapil – Kapil Characters
Gaj Karna – Elephant Ears
Lumbodar – long stomach
Dire – Destroyers of adversity
Vinayak – The Judges
Smokers – Smokers
Ganadhyaksha – president of qualities and deities
Bhal Chandra – One who wears the moon on his head
Gajanan – Elephant faced
Interruptors – Those who eliminate the obstruction.

Shri Ganesh’s vehicle mouse

There was a Gandharva named Crounch in the court of King Indra. Once Indra was discussing some serious subject. But Crounch was in a different mood. He was laughing at the nymphs. When Indra’s attention went to him, angry Indra cursed him to become a mouse.

And the fickle nature of the crunch was changing. As a strong mouse, he fell directly into the ashram of Parashar Rishi. As soon as he came, he created a terrible panic, broke all the earthen vessels of the ashram and finished all the grain, then desolated the ashram garden, and gave all the vulgar clothes and texts of the sages.

Parashar Rishi became very unhappy as all the useful things of the ashram were destroyed and started cursing the deeds of his previous birth that which has resulted in disturbing the peace of my ashram. Now how to get rid of this rat’s terror?

Parashar went to the shelter of sage Shri Ganesh. Then Ganesh ji told Parashar ji that I now make this mouse in my vehicle. Then Ganesh ji threw his stunning loop, the loop followed that mouse and went to the pala and tied his throat and dragged him out and presented him in front of Gajanan.

The rod became unconscious with the grip of the loop. As soon as the idol opened, Mushak started worshiping Ganesha and begging for his life.

Then Ganesh ji was pleased with the praise of Musaksha but told him that you have given a lot of trouble to Brahmins. I have incarnated only for the destruction of the wicked and for the welfare of saintly men, but the protection of the refugee is also my ultimate religion, so ask for whatever boon you want.

Lord Ganesha

Hearing this, the arrogant of that derivative woke up and said, ‘I don’t want to ask for anything from you, you can plead with me.’ Ganesha smiled and said, ‘If your If the word is true then you become my vehicle.

Then Ganesh ji immediately climbed on him as soon as the musk’s object was said. Now, under the weight of heavy Gajanan, the musk became a life-threatening crisis. Then he prayed to Gajanan to make his load affordable for him. In this way Ganesh ji made him his own vehicle by destroying the pride of rodents. Since then this mouse has become the favorite vehicle of Lord Ganesh.

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